Twisted 'Ukulele

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Willie K traveled to Berlin, German and recorded a bunch of tracks back in 2009 resulting in a mash-up of songs crossing all sorts of genres from Hawaiian to rock, pop and blues. Willie says," 'Twisted Ukulele’ is probably the first project of its kind to ever hit the ear waves of the world. We introduce the variety of uses of the ukulele. Give it a chance and it can become the most powerful instrument in the world.” The album was released in 2013 where Willie K unleashed his talent on hits like, U2’s “With or Without You,” Van Morrison’s “Have I Told You Lately,” and Hall and Oates’ “Sarah Smile.” There are also classics like, "Fly Me to the Moon,” and Hawaiian classic “Waimanalo Blues” and so much more. The album was only available via his concerts and website. This is the first time the album has been launched in the market. Twisted Ukulele is one of those albums that never get old!

16 Tracks
1. Sophisticated Hula
2. Howling at the Moon
3. With or Without You
4. Sarah Smile
5. Wonderful World
6. Fly Me To The Moon
7. Koula
8. Pagan Love Song
9. Hawaiian Cowboy
10. Waimanalo Blues
11. Koke’e
12. Sunshine Berlin
13. So Far Away
14. Movie Queen
15. Bottle of Wine
16. Have I Told You