Fab 4 On 4 Strings

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Island Heritage Music is proud to present Hawai’i’s Na Hoku Hanohano nominees Beat-Lele’s second album release, Fab 4 on 4 Strings to our music Ohana.

Beat-Lele continues to take on the challenges of re-creating on simple ukuleles and cajon (box drum), the complex arrangements posed by the progression of the entire span of the Beatles musical career. On Fab 4 on 4 Strings, Beat-lele continues to capture the excitement and enthusiasm of the original Beatle recordings while featuring seven songs from the Abbey Road album, now celebrating the 50th Anniversary since its original release. Fab 4 on 4 Strings features 18 newly recorded songs and is an amazing follow-up to their debut album, Beat-Lele.

18 Tracks
1. I Want to Hold Your Hand
2. PS I Love You
3. I Feel Fine
4. Help!
5. Ticket to Ride
6. If I Needed Someone
7. Eleanor Rigby
8. Yellow Submarine
9. Taxman
10. Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds
11. Penny Lane
12. 0 Come Together
13. Octopus’ Garden
14. Because
15. Golden Slumber
16. Carry That Weight
17. The End
18. Her Majesty

Bonus Tracks
1. You Can’t Do That
2. I Should’ve Known Better
3. Boys
4. Twist & Shout