The Best of Waltah Boy Tavares

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Big Islander Walter "Waltah Boy" Tavares is a musical omnivore who does everything from generic pop chart remakes and pseudo-Jawaiian rap to grass-roots Hawaiian standards and solid Jawaiian originals. This is a culmination of his hard work and dedication.

17 Tracks:
1. Hawaiian Breed
2. Mirrors of My Mind
3. I Can See Clearly Now
4. Pela Ka Lanakila
5. Here We Are
6. I Can't Believe
7. Keeper of the Keys
8. Pepe'ekeo
9. Pier Palu Man
10. Playground in My Mind
11. Sharin' the Night
12. Mauna Kea Sugar
13. Wailana
14. Hake Halawai
15. The Key of Life
16. W.W.J.D.
17. Jesus Is