So the Story Goes

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Halemanu his an accomplished musician and producer, working with icons such as Oprah Winfrey, Willie Nelson, and Steven Tyler. His career has spanned decades and thousands of performances in the US and abroad. In this album, So the Story Goes, Halemanu tells a story through eleven songs about his everyday life full of good vibes for everyone to enjoy. His deep voice and signature guitar and ukulele licks can be heard throughout the album.

11 Tracks:
1. Carweelah Ride
2. Fun in the Sun
3. Ala Kahiko A'o Hana
4. Ukulele World
5. Silver Rain
6. Ka'a Ahi Kahului
7. The Story of Her Dance
8. I'm Gonna Play My Music
9. Pandanus
10. Waiulu
11. Fun in the Sun (Acoustic Reprise)