Kimie Miner

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Kimié Miner’s self titled album is her first full-length release and showcases the Hawaiian singer-songwriter’s true inspiration and musical taste. The theme for this album is land and connection we all have to it. It’s about the seasons we all experience within ourselves.

“We all at some point in our lives go through Winter – our darkest hours, and then to Summer – some of our happiest moments, to Fall – the changes we seek to make, and finally Spring – the rebirth, renewal and the starting of a new day. These songs were all inspired by the different ‘Seasons’ experienced in my life and the people around me.”

12 Tracks:
1. Bottom of a Rainbow
2. Throwback Love
3. Love's in the Melody (feat. Caleb Keolanui)
4. Trouble
5. Make it to Morning
6. Fallin' Again
7. Shine
8. Kumulau (interlude)
9. Lullabies
10. New Day
11. Sweet Company