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Let multiple Na Hoku Hanohano award winner, Kupaoa, be your guide on a voyage through musical history with their latest album, Ho'okele. There is much to love in this new assembly of songs selected, performed and sometimes composed by Kellen and Lihau Paik of Kupaoa – “Permeating Fragrance,” whose melodies and renditions have become a favored and beloved “bouquet” perfuming the landscape of Hawaiian music today. Selections from as far back as the 1800's join 6 new creations in this eclectic mix and whether old or new, these songs represent the many that inform our understanding of the art of Hawaiian poetry and expression. They are the navigators on our quest and expression. They are the navigators on our quest to make and enjoy music, today and in the future. Kupaoa weaves together these hand-picked melodies and takes us on a journey – Ho'okele – Lead on!

13 Tracks:
1. He Aloha No Ka Lehua
2. Sweet Moonlight
3. Ha'ena
4. Ka Ho'okele
5. Lei Kili 'Ohu
6. Hoku Welowelo
7. Water Lily
8. Ho'onaona Ka Nahele
9. Lili'i Mokihana
10. Nani Na Pua
11. La Pua Kokala
12. Go Rest High On That Mountain
13. Lei Kupukupu