CD - Maui On My Mind

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“Maui. . . The many hues of green in the Olinda pastures touching the ever-changing blues of ocean and sky on the horizon, the first morning light against the West Maui Mountains with Pu`u Kukui in view for a brief cloudless moment, the crisp mountain air carrying the scent of ginger and Eucalyptus in Keokea, the sense of adventure and unrivaled beauty in the ocean off Makean Beach, the silver glow of the sea on a moonlit night near Lanaina’s Front Street, the sound of a verdant stream cascading down the cliffs above the Hana Rainforest, the spirit of aloha and community in the Paniolo town of majestic Makawao. . .

These are just a few of the things that are always with me regardless of where I am. I feel centered and calm in the bustling city streets of Tokyo, Paris, Beijing, and New York City. Maui is always there reminding me of my roots and `ohana.

I experience a sense of deep reverence and aloha as I perform music for this unique island. The sound conjures images so familiar to me that I am inspired to reach deeper to find new ways to express myself. Even when I am miles away, I feel like I am home again. In ways that only music can express, Maui is on my mind.”

-Jeff Peterson

17 Tracks:
1. Maui On My Mind
2. Paniolo Soul
3. Hawaiian Skies
4. The Aloha Tango
5. Maile Swing
6. Lilinoe
7. Charmarita
8. Keokea
9. Na Kupuna O Haleakala
10. Rainbow Ridge
11. Pu`u Kukui
12. In The Mood
13. Wahine U`i
14. The Winds of Waikapu
15. Aurora
16. Harvest Moon
17. Olinda Beauty