Romantic Waikiki, Na Leo



The music of Nä Leo sees us through all the really important events in our lives. With the release of Romantic Waikiki once again these ladies capture the way we feel. For us and for the millions that visit, Waikiki can be the most romantic place. It's the music drifting out of the hotels while you are walking the beach, torch lights burning, Diamond Head on the horizon.

Nä Leo has for many years been the sound track of our lives. One can't turn on a radio without hearing Nä leo. They have had national radio success as well, selling over a million CD's.

With the release of Romantic Waikiki, Nä Leo continues to create memories.

You know how a song can capture a moment in time? This moment belongs in Romantic Waikiki.

11 Tracks:
1. Taua I Ta Huahua`i (Hawaiian War Chant)
2. Strolling On the Beach At Waikiki
3. E Nani E
4. Maile Swing
5. Love (Hawaiian Style)
6. Our Hawaii
7. Pua Mana
8. Royal Hawaiian Hotel
9. Kiss Me Love
10. Hawaii Aloha
11. My Fair Hawaii

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