Poi Dog with Crabs, Rap Reiplinger

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Winning the 1979 Na Hoku Hanohano award for best Comedy album, Rap’s Poi Dog With Crabs was Rap Reiplinger’s first solo album without the infamous comedy group Booga Booga. Decades later audiences still find his humor unbearably funny. Featuring some of Rap’s most iconic performances including “Mahalo Airlines,” “Room Service,” and “Fate Yanagi.”

22 Tracks:
1. Portuguese Huddle
2. The Young Kanakas
3. Room Service
4. Haikus
5. Mahalo Airlines
6. Fate Yanagi
7. Lolo Telethon
8. Data-a-Tita
9. Local Argument #7
10. Loving You is Surfing You
11. Japanese Roll Call
12. Record Offer
13. Pilikia Hotline
14. Piano Bar
15. Manong Chimes
16. Late Night TV
17. How Can You Love Me
18. Time
19. The Brooch
20. Chanting
21. Eating
22. Cheers