Reggae In Paradise, Various Artists

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From the islands of Hawaii, “Reggae in Paradise” will have you feeling irie and aloha as giants in the Hawaiian and international reggae scene perform their biggest hits.

Fiji's “Sweet Darling,” O-shen's “Cool Fever,” Pati's “Think of Me,” Sean Na'auauo's “Coming In From The Cold,” Justin's “Shake Me,” Ho'onu'a's “Good Feeling,” Norm's “Stay With Me,” Reality's “Guava Jam,” Pound 4 Pound's “I Don't Wanna Dance,” Native Blend's “Take Me Back To Paradise,” plus Pepper, Kawika Regidor and Tony Mangra rock da place along with “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” by Jimmy Cliff, Aswad's “Roots Rockin'” and Big Mountain's “Baby, I Love Your Way.” With 16 tracks of solid island rhythms, “Reggae in Paradise” guarantees total bliss for the avid reggae fan and good fun for anyone looking for a laid back island jam.

Reggae in Paradise!

16 Tracks:
1. Baby, I Love Your Way - Big Mountain
2. Roots Rockin' - Aswad
3. Sweet Darlin - Fiji
4. Coming In From The Cold - Sean Na`auao
5. Wonderful World, Beautiful People - Jimmy Cliff
6. Cool Fever - O shen
7. Shake Me - Justin
8. Stay With Me - Norm
9. Take Me Back To Paradise - Native Blend
10. Why Don't We - Pati
11. Feeling Good - Tony Mangra
12. I Don't Wanna Dance - Pound 4 Pound
13. Good Feeling - Ho`onu`a
14. For Your Love - Kawika Regidor
15. Guava Jam - Reality
16. Stone Love - Pepper