CD - Hawai'i, Music from the Islands

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The Hawaiian Islands are brought to life in the form of this CD. From traditional to contemporary Hawaiian artists, they are all featured on this 15-track compilation CD. Once you put this CD into your stereo you’ll never be able to take it out. The melodies are addicting and the chorus’ are catchy! A definite must-have!

15 Tracks:
1. Live A Little - Hawaiian Style Band
2. He`eia - Hapa
3. Kamalani - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo`ole
4. Waikiki - The Brothers Cazimero
5. Hale`iwa Hula - Amy Hanaiali`i and Willie K
6. The Beauty of Manua Kea - Keola Beamer
7. Limahuli - Moe Keale
8. White Sandy Beach - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo`ole
9. Na `Ale O Ni`ihau - The Brothers Cazimero
10. Paniau - Kapono Beamer
11. Pineapple Princess - Na Leo
12. Pupu A `O Ewa - The Brothers Cazimero
13. Moloka`i Nui A Hina - Jack de Mello
14. Lei Pikake - Hapa
15. I'll Remember You - Don Ho