Music for the Hawaiian Islands Vol. 4 Manookalanipo Kaua'i

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Kuana Torres Kahele pays tribute to Kaua’i in the fourth installment of his Musc for the Hawaiian Island series. His newest release features 11 new original songs written especially for the Garden Isle honoring people and places close to his heart. He maintains his reputation as a Hawaiian hit maker delivering song after song that instantly transport us back to the country Kaua’i we all know and love. Although the music is all new, it feels instantly familiar with catchy melodies and the perfect blend of piano and steel guitar complementing Kuana’s rich vocals. He gives us a mix of his best; soaring falsetto and his velvety smooth lower register songs that take us on a journey all over the Garden Isle. He honors places that are known and familiar to many and also shares with us some of the hidden beauty of Kaua’i. The title MANOOKALANIPO is a tribute to the ancient name for Kaua’i.

11 Tracks:
1. Wainiha
2. Le`a No Kaua
3. Lei Moa`ulahiwa
4. Wai Palua
5. Lei Wili A Ke Aloha
6. Ku`u Lei Mokihana
7. Pua Hahani
8. Hanohano Kekaha
9. Heha Lumaha`i
10. Nani Koloa
11. Kamakahikilani