Waikiki: Twelve Walks Through Time, Hard Cover

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Waikīkī: Twelve Walks Through Time not only explores the history and culture of the ahupua’a - land division -of Waikīkī, but also opens new perceptions about Waikīkī. The walks take the reader from the pre-monarchial and monarchial periods to contemporary life in the ahupua’a of Waikīkī.  As you weave along the streets of Waikīkī, you are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and a hat, bring water, and visit the wahi pana – the sacred places. The mana, the spirit, of old Waikīkī is still here; as you walk with this guide in your hand, you will find it. These routes visit not only Waikīkī beach, but also the neighborhoods beyond the beach area.

About the Author

Veneeta Acson, a self-professed walking addict, finds marvels as she walks in the ahupua‘a of Waikīkī: from remnants of the former streams and ponds at Waikīkī beach to the rainbows in Mānoa. As a linguist, Dr. Acson has a passion for deconstructing place name and finding inspiring hidden meanings and messages in street names, which she loves to share with her fellow walkers and readers. The author lives under the rainbows in Mānoa.