Pikake Royal Hawaiian Perfume, Lotion & Lip Balm Set

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Product Description

The perfume & lotion are travel size and make a great addition to this clutch! 


Elegant and intoxicating, our made-in-Hawai'i 0.22 fl. oz. perfume fragrances call forth memories of warm days and exciting island nights. Shipping limited to: United States 

Lip Gloss

Lovely Hula Hands lip gloss is a combination of vitamin E lip balm, which softens dry and chapped lips, while pearly lip gloss creates a soft shimmering radiance. Red Hibiscus blossom contains 2 grams of citrus flavored gloss and measured 2” in diameter.


Colorful and bright, Tropical Clutches are the perfect everyday accessory for carrying your precious belongings. Each Clutch includes a light green metallic zipper closure, a canvas handle strap, and are lined with light green polyester. Tropical Clutches are made with 200 grams per meter canvas (40% cotton and 60% polyester) with natural white color. Design is printed on both sides. Clutches measure approximately 9.8” W x 5.9” H. Handle strap measures approximately 5.5”.