Men of Hula, Hard cover 2nd Edition, 1st Printing

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Second edition printed in 2011 with updated information. The story of Robert Cazimero's journey in self discovery during his recreation of an all male halau In 1975, one man brought about a permanent change in the practice of hula. His name is Robert Cazimero and his vision was Hālau Nā Kamalei, the only male hālau hula in the Hawaiian Islands. Today, Robert Cazimero is considered to be one of the most respected kumu hula of Hawaiian dance. The men of Nā Kamalei perform around the world, and for 35 years, they have carried on the tradition of male hula. Through the years, Robert Cazimero and Hālau Nā Kamalei have blazed their journey with Hawaiian pride, dispelling deep-rooted stereotypes of grass skirt girls and coconut bras. The men of hula have swayed the heart of hula by reclaiming the masculine side of the ancient dance. This is the story of Robert Cazimero and Hālau Nā Kamalei. This is the story of the men of hula.