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Take home this wonderful souvenir from Hawaii and display it for years to come. Let it remind you of the tropical air, swaying palm trees and of days spent with sand between your toes. Features a unique design celebrating the islands of Hawaii by artist Eddy Y. These license plates are made of embossed aluminum. Each license plate measures 12” x 6” and is packaged in a resealable polybag. Designed in Hawaii.

About the designer
Eddy Y, a former vice president of merchandising for Hobie, OP Apparel and graphic artist by trade, turned into an aloha-shirt designer and portraitist, that has designed hundreds of artwork and posters -- including four Merrie Monarch images from 1997-2000 and album covers for local musical groups like Kalapana. Y began abbreviating his last name years ago because it sounds cooler than his birth name, Yamamoto.

Eddy grew up in Japan where he was encouraged by his mother, a local artist, to take art lessons in school at age 3. Subconsciously he may have decided Hawaii would become his home one day when he visited the State for the first time as a 10-year old boy. Years later, Y attended University of Hawai'i where he fell in love with the landscapes, hula and the Island people. After graduation he headed out to Los Angeles to pursue a Designer career. Years later, after realizing that his fast-pace life was all-too-consuming he made a decision to move his family to the Big Island of Hawaii and started focusing on his oil and acrylic paintings.