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Kaka’ako is a very controversial real estate development location in Honolulu. Planners tout it as the last place for an urban work force community. Developers envision it as the new Waikiki to replace the aging tired one. Affluent residents see it as their new retirement home as they sell their high-end properties to move there. Much of the rest of the residents see it as a location for a return to the plantation era of old Hawai'i when “locals” served their luna, now serving the wealthy Kaka’ako residents as drivers, maids, cooks, babysitters, and delivery boys. 

The Paradise Pursuit is a fictional tale of developers and their ambition and the super-rich from all corners of the globe who want to own a piece of paradise. Their story is manifested in the main characters: Yuko, a hostess bar mistress financed by the yakuza to create and grow a legitimate money-laundering business in Kaka’ako; Thurston, a Singapore resident who manages to acquire a multitude of small irregular parcels of land in Kaka’ako to become an influential power broker; and their attorneys, Jake and Kai. Together, they weave a legal thriller and a love story.

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