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Kaka’ako is a very controversial real estate development location in Honolulu. Planners tout it as the last place for an urban work force community. Developers envision it as the new Waikiki to replace the aging tired one. Affluent residents see it as their new retirement home as they sell their high-end properties to move there. Much of the rest of the residents see it as a location for a return to the plantation era of old Hawai'i when “locals” served their luna, now serving the wealthy Kaka’ako residents as drivers, maids, cooks, babysitters, and delivery boys.

The Paradise Dispute continues the Kaka’ako story of the Paradise Pursuit. As with many business partnerships, success breeds discord. And so it is between The Singapore financiers of the Pacific Gateway condominium. Both Powerful entities are fueled by the success of the condominium development and wish to add commercial enterprises there as added value to their investments. Unfortunately, their quest is not mutually beneficial. Yuko Kagami of Makasendo, the developer of The Pacific Gateway, with the assistance of her attorney, Kai Li, pass through The Pacific Gateway’s Association of Apartment Owners a bylaws of her private club, Ichiban, there. Ichiban quickly becomes a huge success making Yuko a celebrity with the Kaka’ako community. Wong Fat, the leader of The Singapore Group, retains Jake Thorne and his powerful law firm to replicate Yuko’s commercial success there with a penthouse restaurant project called SkyTop. The conspicuous development of SkyTop Threatens the financial success of the Ichiban and The Pacific Gateway condominium and quickly results in pushback by the Kaka’ako community and the community at large when a disaster occurs at the development site. The Yamaguchi-gumi led by Kumicho Nobuhisa Kozo, seizes the opportunity created by Wong Fat’s plight to destroy him and The Singapore Group. Their ensuing battle is the story of The Paradise Dispute. 

The Paradise Dispute is the sequel book to ,The Paradise Pursuit.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Vernon Woo, a lifelong Hawai'i resident, is a graduate of the University of Hawai'i and Harvard Law School and a practicing lawyer, former judge, open-ocean swimmer, and an erstwhile real estate developer. This is his first work of fiction.