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Written and Illustrated by Tammy Yee
2nd Edition with new vibrant and fun artwork.

‘Opihi are known to live by clinging to rocky shores and can withstand the mightiest waves. Amongst all snails and slugs, Hawaii loves the ‘opihi best of all. They are both a cultural treasure and coveted pupu. ’Opihi pickers risk their lives to get them, as they tenaciously cling to wild remote shorelines.

Our story follows Iki, the littlest ‘Opihi. Iki understands the duties of his kind: ‘opihi stick together no matter what, but Iki doesn't feel like settling down and seeks adventures in the open ocean.Along the way, Iki meets new friends and faces predators. Iki is too tiny to ever be in real danger, and tries his best to abide by what he has learned ever since he was born: to stick to it! Soon enough, he decides to go home with the help of Mister Crab. One day, a ‘Opihi picker visits Iki’s rock. Will he finally be able to “stick to it” to avoid a fatal outcome?

The story of Iki the littlest ’opihi is about learning core values and never forget one’s heritage.