A Pocket Full of Paradise

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On this, Na Leo's eleventh album together, the trio again introduces new songs, and revives some old favorites. This "show" begins with a ballad by Lehua, the composer of such hits as "The Rest of Your Life" and "Flying with Angels," and ends up with a real "revival" song, "I'll Be Here 4U" by Angela. It makes you want to "lift up your hands, shout and sing." In between, there are covers of such hits as the Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends," "You've Got a Friend," "Lean on Me" and "These Dreams," and Jerry Santos' "Seabird." And there are new songs from Nalani, producer/songwriter Ken Makuakane, Daniel Ho, Zanuck Lindsey, Ginai Johnston and Marvalee Tahauri.

These selections range from ballads, for which the three are most famous, to songs with a very infectious beat. "A Pocketful of Paradise" adds a special touch of aloha, and "Sugar Cane Shack" is just as "funky" as the shack itself. Throughout, you'll feel the warmth of friendship, their common bond, and the simple thoughts that have been their trademark in songs they've made famous.

13 Tracks:
1. Saving Forever
2. Sugar Cane Shack
3. With a Little Help From My Friends
4. Hawaii Nei
5. A Pocketful of Paradise
6. E Ho'i Mai Ia 'Oe
7. These Dreams
8. Seabird
9. Hapai Hula
10. Kamalani O Keaukaha
11. Good Times
12. You're Got a Friends/Lean on Me
13. I'll Be Here 4U