Sound Wave, Makua Rothman

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Legendary big-wave rider, Makua Rothman has entered the wonderful world of music with his debut album SOUND WAVE! Teaming up with the Mountain Apple Company and legendary artist, composer, produce r(and of course, surfer) John “Feldy” Feldmann – Makua has in turn created a beautiful keystone for his musical career. SOUND WAVE embraces an island pop and romantic rock vibe that emanates from Makua’s world travels and homegrown background. His ability to transform waves of sound into messages of aloha reveals his genuine passion for life.

12 Tracks:
1. Lovely
2. Underneath the Halo
3. Fight the Sun
4. Lean On Me
5. The Nite B4
6. Lost In Translation
7. One Voice
8. Under the Covers
9. Island Child
10. Beautiful Life
11. `Ulili E
12. Desperation Blues