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Written by Kawaikapuokalani Hewitt, Illustrated by Yuko Green

A Song for the Colors and the Flowers of Hawaiʻi (Mele No Ka Waiho‘olu‘u) is an adorable Little Rainbow Reader book that teaches young children about the beauty of Hawaiʻi through song and color. This colorful book is the first series of books that were inspired by Kawaikapuokalani to gift the spirit of Hawaiian Culture to the world. The author says, “The best way to teach the Hawaiian Language is through song.” The book comes equipped with a special ‘one-time’ access code enveloped in the back that can be used to download the song, “Mele No Ka Waiho‘olu‘u”  from the books website and the song can be found on Kawaikapuokalani Hewett’s newly released album, “He Lei Aloha No Nā Moʻopuna.” Follow along as we sing and dance our way through the colors and flowers of Hawaiʻi.

Beautiful RED lehua, bright ORANGE ʻilima—from the mountain to the sea, Hawaiʻi is adorned with a lei of blossoms and aglow with colors.

Kawaikapuokalani Hewett is on a mission to educate children about the language and culture of Hawaiʻi. As a renowned musician, kumu hula and kahuna, Kawaikapuokalani was inspired by his parents and grandparents who nurtured his life with their aloha and mālama, “Like my grandparents enjoyed sharing their stories with me, I also enjoy sharing my stories with my grandchildren. It is how we bond as a family and it ensures our stories and traditions will live on.” He credits them with his never-ending success as he continues to bring honor to the Hawaiian culture.

Yuko Green has been creating artwork for Island Heritage since 1993. She has designed and illustrated many children’s books, activity books, as well as a variety of gift and stationery products. Yuko’s children books frequent Hawaiʻi Best Seller Lists, and have won national children’s book awards. A native of Japan, Yuko has moved to Hawaiʻi in 1987, and has resided on the Big Island ever since. Hawaiʻi’s rich culture and nature have become her primary subjects and inspiration for her children’s book illustrations, which are created with her signature “happy” colors, patterns and textures.